Unfinished Basement
In the Beginning 2

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In the Beginning 2
Filename: new house 003.jpg
Date: 12/11/2005

Riverwood Farm Subdivision Swimming Pool Clubhouse Clubhouse One of two fountains Tennis Courts

Finishing Basement Floor_1 Finishing Basement Floor_2 In the Beginning In the Beginning 2 Looking down on basement Looking into Basement

Looking Over Basement into Pond Framing Started_7 Framing Started_8 Framing Started_9 My 3 Car Garage (yippee) Looking down from across street

Framing Started_4 Framing Started_5 Looking out office window Putting up Brick_1 Putting up Brick_2 Putting up Brick_3

Putting up Brick_4 Putting up Brick_5 Putting up Brick_6 Putting up Brick_7 Putting up Brick_8 Putting up Brick_9

Putting up Brick_10

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